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Watch author Nell Carvell demonstrate how to use LEAP Into School!® products with your preschoolers.

    • LEAP Into School!®

      Meet author Nell Carvell and learn about LEAP Into School!® and how Nell developed this exciting early learning program.

    • Poster Kit

      Learn more about our 20 thematic oral language and vocabulary posters and how they can be used in your classroom lessons.

    • Learning Cards

      Nell introduces the nine sets of learning cards that include letter, number, shape, rhyming, same and different cards, and more.

    • Learning Cards: Numbers

      How do you use our number cards in your lessons? Nell models strategies for using our number learning cards to teach mathematics concepts.

    • Learning Cards: Rhyming

      Rhyming can be fun with our set of rhyming cards.

    • Learning Cards: Letter Sounds

      These cards illustrate letter sounds with colorful pictures and Nell models how to use them in this short video.

    • At Home Book

      Learning should continue beyond the school day and in this video Nell introduces you to our Learning at Home Book and all of its resources.

    • Learning At Home: Letter Writing

      Watch Nell model how to reinforce letter writing using out letter writing activities.

    • Learning At Home: Math

      Watch Nell model shape recognition and sorting activities using one of the math activities in our home-school book.


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