Hands-On Learning Kit

The LEAP Into School!<sup>®</sup> Hands-On Learning Kit

Classroom Resources to Learn and Explore

The LEAP Into School!® Hands-On Learning Kit is a multi-disciplinary manipulative kit with a variety of classroom resources. The kit will bring your preschool instruction to life.

  • Included in Whole Group and Small Group Center activities.
  • Provides children with tactile learning and hands-on activity opportunities.
  • Offers children hours of unstructured educational play.

Alphabet Bean Bag

Alphabet Bean Bag

The LEAP Into School!® Hands-On Learning Kit has two add-on packages—the Career and Community Puppets and the Sand and Water Tool Set.

The Career and Community Puppets are two sets of 12" machine-washable puppets each with a distinct uniform and accessories. Ages 3+.

  • Allows children to extend knowledge through play
  • Encourages children to play interactively and independently

The Sand and Water Tool Set includes 20 tools of each: buckets, rakes, shovels, sieves and watering cans.

  • Provides a variety of fine motor experiences to prepare the hand for writing
  • Encourages enriched language when interacting with materials


The Sand and Water Tool Set

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